Monday, October 22, 2012

Where to Obtain PowerPC Dev Kits

I was asked this today on #ubuntu-kernel. It's a good question, and one which I hear often. Most people can go with old Mac hardware, but those things are kind of obsolete and largish for many people. Not to mention it doesn't do much justice for the modern CPUs you see today (multi-core, hardware virtualization, SATA, DDR2/3, etc.). Unfortunately, you aren't going to find many cheap modern Power kits like you would expect in the ARM world, but here some some quick links that I was able to put together. I would stick with Freescale, but IBM has some dev kits too.

  • Micetek - These are actually really nice
  • Embedded Planet - Very low CPU speeds
  • IBM 750FX - 64-bit but unsure about pricing
  • Emerson - Unsure of pricing, but very broad list of CPUs for IBM and Freescale

If you know of more, please comment and I'll add them to this post.

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  1. I really like the "Support IE6" part of the front page of Micetek :-)