Friday, October 19, 2012

Can Canonical Make Skunkwork Work?

This post is in regards to Mark's recent announcement that Ubuntu 13.04 will be using a skunkworks approach to some of its more wow-factor features.

I know some people are going to cry out from their basement, screaming "community, community, community!" Let's face it though, one thing Linux is missing is being able to release something and people say "holy shitballs, batman!"

Anyway, I totally applaud Mark and Canonical for this decision. If it all goes well, here's my vote for naming 13.10 the Snazzy Skunk.


  1. I think they can make it work. There are certain benefits to this strategy - and successful projects that use it (ie Lua).

  2. Another case of a misunderstood Shuttleworth post. They are not newly implementing skunkworks they are simply giving select community members access to the already existing skunkworks.

  3. I missed the part about them trying it before, but the sentiment still stands, and whether it works in the long run is still to see...