Thursday, March 7, 2013

Power Up

As a POWER architecture hardware vendor, we've definitely run into quite a few wish-list items for software we want to have on our platform. Whether it's for customers or just to have a feature complete set of packages in everyday distributions, we want to see things build everywhere, and run just as well as the x86 counterparts.

Starting soon, we are kicking off a PowerUp (my cool label) initiative in order to direct POWER developers toward software that needs a little love on our POWER platforms. Software targets range from the completely unsupported (e.g. Google's v8 Javascript engine, D Languages's phobos) to optimizing specifically for POWER (e.g. OpenJDK).

To collect these initiatives together, we will be starting a new PowerUp portal. For now, we have begun a GitHub Team where we have forked relevant repositories. Forums for discussion and participation will also follow. Feel free to clone and hack away. Email me if you have any questions (or wait until the forums and portal open).

NOTE: PowerUp is just my initial name. That may or may not change.

I'll update this blog post when more information is available.


  1. How about some POWER without LPARS?

  2. Servergy's products are bare metal boot. If you're looking for something developer oriented, keep an eye on P-Cubed.

  3. Linaro does similar, they coordinate bug reports between upstream and distros. Launchpad is awesome for cross-tracking all the diffirent bug trackers ;-) For a long time in Ubuntu we wanted to reduce FTBFS on powerpc, so patches are very welcome. If POWER is good enough to run Xbox, PS, Nintendo it is sure enough good enough for most workloads.

    1. I've worked on getting POWER FTBFS down for over a year now. It was up in the triple digits this time last year :)

  4. about "PowerUP" ;-)