Thursday, August 14, 2008

2.6.27-rc3 Kernel images for Hardy/8.04 and Intrepid/8.10

I've built some Ubuntu kernels based on 2.6.27-rc3. They are available here.

Please feel free to test. Report bugs directly to the kernel-team mailing list.

If you are running hardy, and want to use the iwlagn driver (4965 11n support), then make sure to get the linux-restricted-modules-common package from Intrepid as well.


  1. Would i be right in thinking that these would contain the new ath9k driver?

  2. Does this kernel have the config bits enabled to support 802.11n wifi connections?

  3. The generic i386 image doesnt boot here. Hangs at loading hardware drivers.

  4. The generic one boots here, but no nvidia support (of course... :-))

    I was trying it because of a seemingly DMA bug in 2.6.24 for Hardy, but it didn't help for me.